"So sleepy... Can I sleep on your shoulder?"

You still remember the first time you climbed the steps to the attic, the sunset eyes that watched you with thinly veiled curiosity. Through the decorative gaps in the immovable door, Belphegor pulled on your heart strings with all the cunning of a puppet master.And yet, you forgave him.For there were many sides to Belphegor, you learned. There was so much more to the sleepy seventh brother than fermented resentment and misplaced anger, than pointed claws and coiled horns.The dreamy stargazer, the considerate twin, the clever prankster. You found that within that lazy smirk, those sharp eyes, laid a bottomless of depth. One that you simply could not resist. Like a siren song, he called to you from deep within the well of himself.Again and again, you would dive right in.With Stardust: A Belphegor Zine, we hope to provide a peek at all the different characteristics of our favorite Avatar of Sloth. We are looking to showcase anything Belphie-centric, including (but not limited to) the events in his life, his personal growth, and an expanded look on important relationships. We hope you will join us for a deep dive into his dreamscape!

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Meet The Team

Mod Starr - They/Them - Head Mod

Mod Starr (@shootingstarrfish) is very normal about our resident emo murder cow, we promise <3 As an enjoyer of both emo and tired characters, they were basically legally obligated to give Obey Me! A chance when they first saw Belphie, and they haven’t been the same since. Oops! With the combined knowledge from their various zine modding roles, they’re very excited to get this zine under way and see what the lovely contributors end up creating!You can find them on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram!Mod Starr’s experience includes:
✶ Head Mod/Graphics Mod for Sleep on It: A Tired Characters Zine
✶ Head Mod for Mob Psycho 100 MSpaint Zine
✶ Graphics Mod for Ties Through Teyvat: A Genshin Family Zine
✶ Merch Mod for Hall of Fame: A Pokemon Champions Fanzine

Mod Panda - She/Her - Writing/Head Mod

Mod Panda (@asptrashpanda) recently got into Obey Me! and instantly found Belphie the most intriguing. Though she has since grown to love the entire cast of idiots characters, she will always treasure her first (Move over, Mammon!). Having modded Hall Of Fame (now in the pre-order period), she is excited to take on another passion project. Well-versed in writing, having posted plenty of fanfiction for various fandoms over the last 4 years, she looks forward to coaching the zine’s accepted writers to ensure they shine as bright as the stars through the glass ceiling of the planetarium.You can find her on Not-Twitter, Tumblr and AO3!Mod Panda's previous zine experience includes:
✶ Writer for Heartbeats, Inumaki’s Domain, and Marchenstunde
✶ Guest Writer for We Are! On a Journey!
✶ Head Mod/Writing Mod for Hall of Fame: A Pokemon Champions Fanzine

Join our team! Mod Apps open March 11th-March 31st!


The following is a tentative schedule that may be adjusted following the interest check and any other subsequent delays:

Project Announcement: Feb 14th, 2024
Interest Check: March 1st-31st, 2024
MOD Apps open: March 11th (Belphie’s Birthday!)
MOD Apps close: March 31st, 2024
Contributor Apps open: April 27th, 2024
Contributor Apps close: June 1st, 2024
Contributor App results: June 22nd, 2024
Discord deadline: July 1st, 2024
Contributor Pitches/First Check-in: July 20th, 2024
Second Check-In: August 24th, 2024
Third check-in: September 28th, 2024
Final Piece due: October 26th, 2024
Pre-Orders open: TBD
Pre-Orders close: TBD
Shipping: TBD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a zine?A zine, short for fanzine, is a fan-published and unofficial collection of artwork and writing with additional merchandise.Is this zine for-profit or for charity?This zine is for charity! Any and all profit made by the zine will be donated to a charity yet to be decided.Will this zine feature shipping content?Considering the nature of the Obey Me! games, pieces including Belphegor’s relationship with the MC will be accepted depending on the representation of the MC. It is important that the content is focused on Belphegor.Can I feature other characters in my contribution?Yes! Please remember to keep the main focus on Belphie, though. As an example, drawing Belphie cooking dinner with Satan is fine; drawing Satan with Belphie merely in the background is not.How will contributors be compensated for their work/time?At the bare minimum, every contributor will be given a free digital copy of the zine. If funds allow, contributors may also receive a free physical copy of the zine. Merchandise artists may also receive a free copy of their contribution.How many contributors is this project looking for?These numbers will be determined based on the results of our interest check. Please check back later!Can mods contribute to the zine?Yes! While mods are allowed to contribute if they wish, they will NOT take away any spots meant for contributors.

Have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us!:

Contributor Applications

When submitting an application, please make sure that your portfolio can be accessed by the mods! If the mods cannot access the portfolio you provide on your application form, your application will have to be rejected. A good way to double-check if your portfolio is accessible is by trying to open the link to your portfolio in a new incognito window.Page Artists
Page artist applications will be graded on artistic fundamentals, composition, use of color, and how you use all these elements to fit the theme of the zine.
On your application form, we would like to see:
✶ Your portfolio. Once again, remember to make sure the mods can access it! Please refrain from submitting NSFW only portfolios. If your portfolio has a few NSFW pieces, make sure to mark them as such!
✶ Three pieces you consider your best work.
✶ Art of Obey Me! and Obey Me! characters is preferred, but not required!
We will be grading writers based on story flow, grammar, spelling and punctuation, and the ability to tell a captivating story within a certain number of words.
On your application form, we would like to see:
✶ Your portfolio. Once again, remember to make sure the mods can access it! Please refrain from submitting NSFW only portfolios. If your portfolio has a few NSFW pieces, make sure to mark them as such!
✶ 3 SFW examples of your best work, ranging between 500 and 2,500 words. At least one sample must be a complete work in order to see how you can work with the zine’s limited word count. Your second and third samples can be either excerpts or other complete works. For excerpts, please provide context to better understand what we are reading.
✶ Works featuring Obey Me! and Obey Me! characters, specifically Belphegor, are preferred, although not required.
Merch Artists
We will be grading merch artist applications based on composition, color, how suitable your style is for merchandise, and how you use all these elements to fit the theme of the zine.
On your application form, we would like to see:
✶ Your portfolio. Once again, make sure the mods can access it!
✶ Three pieces you consider your best work AND in the style you’d like to create merchandise in.
✶ Art of Obey Me! and Obey Me! characters is preferred, but not required!
✶ If you have any previous merchandise work, show it off! If not, that’s fine; you do NOT have to have made merchandise yourself to be considered for this position.

Join our team! Contributor Apps open April 27th-June1st!

Guidelines & Rules

Be mindful to take the schedule into consideration before applying. Additionally, if you have to step out of the project at any point, please try to notify our Mod Team as soon as possible.All applicants must be at least 16 years old.✶ **We will NOT be accepting any contributors who are found creating or supporting pedophilic or incestuous content. As we are accepting contributors who may be under the age of 18, this is to ensure the safety of all who are accepted into the zine.All applicants must have a Discord account as this will be the only way we will be communicating with contributors to organize the zine. If you do not have one, we will need you to make one if you are brought on as a contributor.Previous zine experience is not required to apply, nor is your number of followers; what matters is the kind of content you’re creating, your style, your creativity, what you could bring to the zine and your abilities to explore the theme.All applicants must submit a portfolio. You may link a Google Drive folder, a Carrd, a website, a Tumblr tag or Twitter Moment, etc. If you’re using Google Drive, please ensure that your portfolio and sample links have viewing permission and are accessible, or your application will result in a rejection.Plagiarism and AI generated pieces will not be tolerated; all works must be your own. Any contributor that is caught violating this rule will automatically be excluded from the project with no warning. Additionally, if you have anything to do with the minting or sales of NFTs, we ask you not to apply.Contributors retain the rights to their contribution, even after the zine has been completed.A zine is a professional space; in order to keep the project fun and stress-free for everyone, absolutely no harassment, discrimination, or bullying will be tolerated. Additionally, we insist that all participants refrain from any ship/character discourse.✶ Any contributor demonstrating guideline-breaking behavior will get one warning. A second warning will result in being removed from the project and Discord server; this is applicable at any point, without any compensation given.✶ This rule is valid from the moment you’ve accepted to be a contributor until the very end of the project. Depending on the seriousness of their behavior, a contributor might immediately be removed without a warning.

Zine Specs

Stardust will feature multiple works from various artists, writers, and merch artists, with all content focused on Obey Me!’s Belphegor.✶ Both physical and digital copies will be available for pre-order, as well as additional merch bundles✶ This zine will be for charity. Project profits will be donated to a charity yet to be decided, with the option to give suggestions on our interest check.